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Monday, May 30, 2011

HS Senior: Class of 2012

I was looking forward to this session for months!  I had a little edge on this one since I've known this boy and his family for a while now.  We were able to incorporate his interests and talents into his session, which I love to do!  Being an outdoors type of guy, a session in the woods seemed perfect!  He also recently earned his Eagle Scout award which impressed the heck out of me!  And, with working at boy scout camps the past few summers, we were able to bring that part of his life into his session.  With a love of music and many drum lessons later, we pulled the drums outside for a quick jam session!  What a great sport!  Here's just a peek of a few of the images......

Friday, May 27, 2011

More local talent!

I love my job because I find myself meeting the most amazing people.   I don't even have to leave my own town!  This week I spent time with two published authors.  Meet Karen Pavlicin, author of Military Life, Surviving Deployment, and Life After Deployment.  Karen selflessly shares her most personal stories and written poems to give support to other military families.   Karen, once a military wife, supported her loving husband while he was out defending our country.  In addition to writing, Karen is a talented songwriter and singer.  She wrote and created the song I Believe in You to honor the Minnesota National Guard and dedicated it to all US military service members and their families. It's truly a beautiful song.
Karen's life journey continued as her husband became ill and passed away from cancer at the age of 38.  With her young son, Karen found her strength in prayer and in her writing.  She published a children's book Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow's Nest about a little boy's visit to his grandma's house the summer after his father's death.  In addition to this special book, Karen found strength in her music.  She has published a beautiful CD, Little Bit of Faith with a collection of her work.  100% of profits raised from this CD are donated to Cancer Research.  For more on Karen, visit her website:  www.karenpavlicin.com
Spending session time with both Karen and Meagan was such a honor for me.  It's so humbling to learn another person's story and it is such a gift that they are both willing to share their life's journey.  Here's a peek at a few images from Karen's session.

She's published!

For over a year I would see Meagan Frank at drop off and pick up at my son's preschool.  We would briefly chat about how her daughter was always talking about my son outside of school and how much my son talked about her daughter!  They had been setting up play dates without us even knowing.  Meagan was a fun, upbeat, and friendly mom.  Little did I know that she had been hard at work preparing to publish her first book!  How impressive is that?  When I found out I quickly began following her blog and gained much respect for her writing style.  She's entertaining and her sense of humor certainly comes through.  Her book is titled "Choosing to Grow:  Through Marriage".  As a child of divorced parents, Meagan knew that the statistics were heavily stacked in favor of her breaking marriage. She didn’t want to be a part of the divorce trend, so she set out on a quest to find the tools she needed to fight for her marriage.  I'm always in awe when someone can share so openly and honestly about their own life in a way that may be helpful to others.  This book sounds amazing and I cannot wait to purchase my own copy (maybe even have it autographed by the author).  If you're interested in checking out Meagan's book, you can find more information on her website:  www.meaganfrank.com 

I was lucky enough to work with Meagan on some updated images for her publications!  We had a gorgeous day and plenty of fun, of course!  Here's just a peek along with the cover of her new book!!  Congrats Meagan!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

They're Getting Married!

I looove engagement sessions!  In fact, I think everyone needs one - even if you're already married!!  This sweet couple is so much fun, so in love and can't wait to be married this fall with a reception on the river!  They were up for anything and we got so many fun shots.  With the backdrop of downtown Stillwater, we could have shot for hours (oh, we did) and still not cover all the cool spots.  We dropped by Mara-Mi cafe' on Main for a some of the session and a few of their nummy treats!  We ended our evening up on the hill overlooking the river with a vintage picnic!  Here is just a sneak peek of some of the fun....can't wait to process the rest of your images from your session!  Thanks guys!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Real Ballerina!

Just like so many little girls that dream of becoming a ballerina, this special girl made her dream come true!  It's amazing the work and dedication that goes in to preparing for a performance for all to enjoy....hours and hours of practice not to mention many pairs of toe shoes!  This session was so exciting as we had access to the historic Fitzgerald theater in St.  Paul where this ballerina was about to take stage in the production of Don Quixote!  The costume was exquisite with detail and beauty and it so fun to capture her passion in life.  I admire so much about this young girl and am so proud to see how far she has come in her dancing career!!  Many Congratulations!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Talented H.S. Senior

This gorgeous H.S. Senior is getting ready to graduate in less than a month!  This was one fun session....we wanted to incorporate her love of music with her outgoing personality.  With a private concert in the woods, we were able to capture some amazing images with her vintage microphone!   Don't be surprised if you find this girl on American Idol - she's fantastic!!  No one ever said that a photo session with me wouldn't be an adventure....one filled with wood ticks and snakes all in the name of some beautiful images!  Here's a sneak peek from your session....it was a blast!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's Prom Season!

Despite the rainy start to their day this adorable couple wasn't going to let it get them down!  She was prepared with the cutest pink parasol-type umbrella!  I loved it!!  It matched perfect to her beautiful dress.  Which I must mention, the dress was hand made by her talented aunt!!  I wish I had that kind of talent!!  So impressed!!   Her hair was amazing as well.  Another talent I wish I had!!  This darling couple didn't get to use that cute umbrella for long....the sun came out and they enjoyed a beautiful rest of the day!! I hope you had a fabulous Senior Prom!!