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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." Dorthea Lange

Press Printed and Photo Cards Available!

Press Printed and Photo Cards Available!
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About Me

I'm a mother of four young kiddos that keep me hoppin' and laughing (thankful for my sense of humor).  I am married to a wonderful man who is supportive of my love of photography.  

My love of photography sparked when I was young.  My first camera was a 110 film camera (remember those?) and I would take pictures with my friends back in my elementary school days.  Pictures of what?  Anything....our trips to Valley Fair, our pets, riding our bike down the street, doing a hand stand in the front yard...you name it! 

Later, I was fortunate enough to work along side my grandfather who owned a business of taking and developing old fashion photographs using authentic costumes, beautiful hats and antique props.  I was in junior high when I would travel with him and act as his assistant tinting, spraying and framing the photographs he took.  My Grandfather also had an in-house dark room in his basement where he taught me about developing my own photographs!  

I continued studying photography while in college (by that time I had upgraded to a 35mm film camera) by taking a black and white photography class on campus gaining even more dark room developing experience.

Now, as a mother, my interest in photography has a new meaning as I try to capture as much as I can while my kids are young.  It's amazing how a photograph can really take you back in time.  I treasure the family photos that I have collected and appreciate them more and more as my kids grow and change. 

With today's computer technology I find myself no longer in a chemically filled dark room but rather behind a computer using software to digitally process photos.  I think my Grandpa would have loved the progress that has been made over the past few decades with regards to photography.  He would be amazed at the flexibility to enhance and develop photos in the 21 century!

Today, the first thing I pack is my camera which is now a Canon 5D - I've come a long way from that 110 Film camera!