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Press Printed and Photo Cards Available!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Celebration in the House!

Well, we have another birthday in the house....they come so quickly around here.  This time my baby turns two!  I attempted a two year session with him.  I didn't set out to capture this image but as you know, it's nearly impossible to take photographs of your own children. It was getting close to nap time and he wanted his 'Bun-yay' (sounds almost French for Bunny) as it's referred to around our house.  My fourth baby has been my only one to suck his thumb.  It's soooo sweet (for now, ask me when he's 6yrs and cannot stop the habit!).  His ritual:  he takes the little tag on Bun-yay and rubs it against his nose and sucks his thumb as his comfort and makes his own little humming noise.  I know someday he will outgrow this....and these sweet days will be a memory for me.  Even though I was going for an image of his smiling face and big brown eyes, I was so happy to capture this moment as he was snuggled up with his Bun-yay and his thumb while getting some kisses from his big brother.  This is one of those images that truly captures a moment, a moment in time that I will treasure!  Happy Birthday baby boy!


Anonymous said...

So sweet. I wish I had some of those memories captured from when my children were small! Great capture!

bananahannah512 said...

Yes....too perfect as I'm quite familiar with his thumb and bun-yay. You ar special little boys.

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